Internal Strategies

Our goal is to integrate environmental justice and equity principles into our day-to-day work and decisions-how we conduct ourselves, build relationships, and share power internally. We aim to:

  • Be intentional about facilitating cross-departmental work.
  • Build capacity and develop resources for staff so they are empowered to advocate and apply equity principles in their daily work. 
  • Understand our role in acknowledging, addressing, and minimizing disproportionate environmental harms to communities of color and low-income communities. 
  • Understand how sharing decision-making power applies to our internal, as well as, external processes. 
  • Enjoy and be open to the learning and growing during this process. 

We realize this is an on-going and iterative process and are committed to continuing this work. By deepening our understanding of what it means to apply equity principles in our workplace, we will more effectively accomplish the Agency’s mission and mandate of ensuring clean, healthy air for everyone in our region.