Certified Wood Stoves

If you choose to heat with wood, opt for an EPA-certified wood stove or wood-burning fireplace insert. Used properly, they burn about 60% cleaner than older uncertified stoves or fireplaces.


  • Efficient. Advances in technology mean newer certified stoves deliver more heat more effectively.
  • Affordable. Certified wood stoves come in a range of prices to meet different needs and budgets.
  • About 60% cleaner than uncertified wood stoves and fireplaces, when used properly. See Burning Basics for more information.
  • Okay to use during Stage 1 burn bans.

Note: Certified wood stoves cannot be used during Stage 2 burn bans.

To find out whether a stove is EPA-certified, look for a label (GIF) on the back or on top if you have a fireplace insert.

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