Mentorship and Community Action

This Summer, the Service Board (tSB), a local non-profit centered on youth leadership and mentorship, had the pleasure of working with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) to educate and empower tSB youth to take community action regarding  air quality and environmental justice. During the workshop, youth learned about common causes of air pollution, the regions and demographics that are most affected by poor air quality, as well as environmentally-conscious options to diminish emissions. The students were surprised to learn that “our air quality isn’t as good as we think it is, even though we live in the Pacific Northwest.” At the end of the workshop, we assembled clean air filter fans to install in the youth’s homes, which proved to be incredibly useful because just 2 weeks later, Seattle was covered in forest fire smoke! Look out for that PM2.5! A huge thank you to the PSCAA team for putting on this awesome workshop for the youth in our program!




You can learn more about the Service Board here. 


By Cole Story, Program Manager of the Service Board