Spring Forward with Community

It has been a challenge to be in community over the last two years. With the weather warming up, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has been able to safely participate in more in-person events. The Agency aims to target our community engagement efforts in our four focus communities – Auburn-Algona-Pacific area, Chinatown-International District, Duwamish Valley, and Lakewood. These four communities are disproportionately impacted by air pollution, so we prioritize these areas to provide education, share resources, gather input, and more. The Agency participated in multiple events in partnership with community organizations in late April and early May.

Healthy Kids Day

On April 30th, Agency staff hosted a table at the Auburn Valley YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day. This health fair event was open to the community where information is shared about YMCA programs and partners in the local community provide resources for community members. Agency staff hosted a table to provide educational materials, gather input to shape our strategic plan, and distribute filter fan kits. We provided information and resources to many families with small children which is very important as young children can be more impacted by air pollution.

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Lunar New Year Celebration

We had staff attend another event on April 30th in the Chinatown-International District as well. The Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by CIDBIA is a street fair along S King St. with vendors, food stands, dance performances, and music throughout the main stage at Hing Hay Park. This celebration event had been postponed as Lunar New Year was on February 1st, 2022. The celebration was busy and staff were able to have many people come pick up materials and resources around health impacts and air pollution. We were able to distribute filter fan kits to elders in the community who can be more vulnerable to air pollution and wildfire smoke events. There is a lot of need and interest for these filter fan kits and other resources which is an important reminder for the Agency as we build partnerships and target resources.

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World Asthma Day

On May 7th, Duwamish River Community Coalition (DRCC) hosted a world asthma day event in South Park as part of the Clean Air Program efforts. DRCC invited Agency staff to help with air quality resources and distributing filter fan kits to families. Agency staff shared information about the current air toxics study in the Duwamish Valley as we have monitors currently collecting valuable data based on community input. Duwamish River Youth Corps interns supported Agency staff in sharing information and filter fan kits with families. The interns helped translate and speak with Spanish speaking community members so they could better understand how to use the filter fan kits and answer any questions. Overall, at the event DRCC distributed 100 fans, 400 filters and more than 96 Asthma prevention supplies - including mattress covers, pillowcases and dusters - to more than 60 families. On top of the supplies, families had access to educational materials and received important information about DRCC’s clean air strategies and asthma prevention in multiple languages. Learn more about world asthma day today.

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All the Agency staff who participated in these events were excited to have conversations with people in-person and be a resource of information around air quality, health impacts, and more. All the Agency's focus community teams are working on coordinating events for this summer in partnership with a variety of organizations in our region. Stay tuned for more events in the community and reach out with any suggestions!

By the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's Equity + Community Engagement Team