Permitting & Registration

Producer & Processor Requirements

The main requirements for your facility include our permitting program and our registration program.

Permitting Program

The permitting program, referred to as a Notice of Construction (NOC), is a pre-construction application and review process that, when approved, results in a permit for your business with site specific conditions. NOC application decisions are made on case-by-case basis, based on the specifics of the application and the emission control technology options.

A $3,000 filling fee is required with your NOC application. Additional processing fees are due after review of the permit application and based on the information in your application and the specifics of your facility and equipment.

Registration Program

The registration program includes onsite inspections, compliance reviews, and annual fees. The inspections include review of compliance with specific permit conditions, along with general agency regulations that apply to all sources. To keep your permit in effect, you must maintain an active registration. Any lapses in registration invalidate your business' permit and ability to operate.


To complete the permit application, you will need the following information.

General Information

  • Applicant and owner or company information
  • Expected annual yield in pounds (flowers/buds, leaves)
  • Facility type and purpose (recreational, medical, grower, processor)
  • Installation address
  • Location of plants and expected canopy size in square feet

Producer & Processor Activities

  • Odor control equipment details for producing/growing and or processing (type, quantity, make and model, flowrate)
  • Solvent usage information including MSDS for each type


A plan view drawing of facility including:

  • Each room, greenhouse, or outdoor area and what work is preformed in each
  • Environmental Checklist (SEPA)
  • Location of each odor control device, associated duct-work, and stacks
  • MSDS for each additional solvent and volatile organic material used
  • MSDS for extraction solvents
  • Schematic drawing of HVAC system for facility indicating path of all air flowing through area where growing or processing occurs
  • Spec sheet for extraction device
  • Spec sheets for each type and model of odor control device and fan

Begin the Process

To begin the application process, complete the following application and checklist:

Note: Your application will not be processed unless the filing fee of $3,000 is included with the application or until you pay by credit card.

If you have questions, contact Chris Kitchen.